Variable Perspectives

Empathy-generating Design

Milan Design week

9 - 14 April 2019


An unconfortable Setup

An experiential path where the visitor is pushed into an environment specifically created to make them experience some situations, practical and emotional, daily lived by wheelchair users.

An un-comfortable setting for everyone, which thanks to its interactivity will let you sense on your skin the feeling of living in an inadequate environment.

Being measured at the entrance, not being able to see a picture in the exhibition, having to ask for help to open a door, are some of the experiences that the visitor of “Variable Perspectives” is facing. These uncomfortable and sometimes frustrating experiences are the normality for a person in a wheelchair. The visitor discovers new perspectives thanks to an itinerary capable of generating empathy through various situations. The path is not based on invalidating images but rather an alternative concept to promote the birth of new points of view.  


Inclusive Design Exhibition

Empathy, a first step towards inclusive design.


4 projects will be exhibiting together with Prospettive Variabili. 

By Alain Zanchetta, AtoZED 


The trasporta project started with the desire to look at matters from a different perspective and to create a product that could help to overcome some of the challenges of daily life by being functional, cool and non-stigmatizing.




J.o.b meets the need of people with disabilities to have a specific product for the holidays and especially for bathing. The neatech has created and produced “j’amme ‘o bagn” which is not only eye-catching invitation in neapolitan to bathe in the sea.



by Simone Mazzanti


Sitpad is a rigid seat in plastic material combined with a base that is anchored to a sup through special dedicated scales or even with normal belts. The seat contains and supports the torso in balance thus allowing to concentrate your energies on the paddling.


Since 2014, MinD, Mad in Design has been exploring various creative, inclusive and multidisciplinary projects. It operates in response to situations of distress in the context of psychiatric residential care. It develops strategies that focus on two aspects of design: first, the creative process as a system of relationships that translate into social inclusion and second, the project as a tool for the improvement of the residential care.


Being measured to enter
Being measured to enter


A different point of view
A different point of view


Inclusive design
Inclusive design


Being measured to enter
Being measured to enter



Call for Sponsors

We are looking for companies interested in contributing to the success of the event while promoting their social activeness. If Interested, please contact:




The exhibition is the brainchild of Fabrizio Marta – President of the Rotellando Social Promotion Association and

wheelchair – bound serial traveller - to build an experience in which the visitor perceives the perspective

of those with mobility problems.


The challenge was taken up by Liat Rogel,

designer and Social Design lecturer, which brought together 

a multidisciplinary team of professionals (designers, architects, illustrators, programmers, photographers).

Installation Design:

PR5 Architetti

Antonella Miante and Federico Rossi - FramLab

With the collaboration of:

Annavittoria Avesani

Alessandra Bari
Anna Fusillo

Arianna Piroddi
Chiara Torti
Elisa Paschetta

Elisa Saturno
Emanuele Lomello
Federica Valsania
Gabriele Orlando
Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi

Stefano Rizzardi
Valentina Alessandria



In the heart of the Repubblica del Design, the new district of every-day design between Bovisa and Dergano, the spaces of the PR5 architecture studio next to an iconic yellow bridge that will be completed for the occasion, will host the Variable Perspectives exhibition for the entire duration of the Milan Design Week.